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Cape Tribulation. Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland

Daintree National Park

Mysterious world of the rainforest

Forget about everyday life and soak up the privilege of exploring one of the world’s most ancient rainforests in the intriguing Daintree National Park. Start your journey at Mossman Gorge where crystal-clear waters cascade over granite boulders. Browse for local indigenous art and plan your journey into the heart of The Daintree at the visitor centre. Join in a guided tour offered by the local Aboriginal community and immerse yourself in authentic Aboriginal culture, walking in the footsteps of Aboriginal ancestors as you explore the gorge.

From here, take one of Australia’s most scenic drives into the heart of the Daintree, exploring the rainforest and golden beaches along the 33km road from the Daintree River ferry to Cape Tribulation. Ride through the rainforest canopy strapped onto a flying fox zip line, take a leisurely cruise along the Daintree River to spot crocodiles. Experience this ancient rainforest from every level on the Daintree’s canopy tower and aerial walkway, where you can witness world breaking rainforest research in action and find out more about how you can help protect this unique environment.

Stay overnight in this incredible area and experience the rainforest coming alive from your tent or a luxury eco-lodge. Join a guided spotlighting tour and you may see some of the more elusive creatures that call this area home. At sunrise, kayak along the headland at Cape Tribulation, or set the first footprints of the day on a long golden beach fringed by rainforest. Mother Nature is at her best here, where the rainforest meets the reef and two World Heritage areas connect!

Location and getting there

Mossman Gorge: 80km N of Cairns. Access is via the Captain Cook Hwy and Mossman.

Cape Tribulation: 110km–143km N of Cairns. Access is via the Captain Cook Hwy, Mossman-Daintree Road, Daintree River ferry and Cape Tribulation Road.

Visitor facilities and opportunities

This park has sections with different visitor facilities and opportunities. Refer to the NPRSR website for further information.


Did you know?

Once you cross over to the north of the Daintree River, you are entering the oldest part of the Daintree rainforest—the Cape Tribulation section of Daintree National Park—which has survived continuously for more than 200 million years, since Gondwanan times. Today it is home to some of the most varied plant and animal species in the world, including primitive species that were once wide-spread throughout Gondwana, and are now restricted to very isolated pockets of rainforest north of the Daintree River.