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Home / The Whitsundays and Mackay View from Whitsunday Peak, Whitsunday Island. Photo: Justin Heitman
View from Whitsunday Peak, Whitsunday Island. Photo: Justin Heitman

The Whitsundays and Mackay

Sail away

Discover a part of Queensland where ‘laid back’ is a way of life and adventure is just around the corner. The Whitsundays, acknowledged as one of the world’s best destinations for sailing, diving and snorkelling, feature many island national parks in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. Discover the special joys of cruising around the calm, azure waters. Cast away to an idyllic island where you can camp in seclusion or stay at a luxury resort. Walk through subtropical forests on the mainland and be rewarded with picture-perfect views of offshore islands. Explore the underwater world where brilliantly coloured corals contrast with seagrass beds where dugongs graze. Each national park in this region offers an opportunity to refresh your spirit and create inner harmony. This is your time, enjoy.

The relaxed region of Mackay is home to national parks full of hidden treasures and surprising natural encounters. Have ‘breakfast with the wallabies’ on a remote stretch of beach or sit quietly waiting for a shy platypus to pop up from a pristine creek in misty rainforests.

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